Responsible for the efficient and accurate end to end processing of cash in compliance with policies and procedures (SOPs). A Cash Processor may perform any one and/or a combination of the functions below.Requirements

Key Performance Areas

 Receive Cash

• Receive deposits and update on the applicable systems.
• Comply with all policies and procedures to eliminate any possible risks to the company and the customer.

Prepare Cash on the applicable system

• Check container/Bag for any damages or interferences and report all anomalies to Team Controller.
• Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.
• Process all deposits in line with the agreed upon banks SLAs and SOPs on the applicable system.
• Prep workstation accurately for effective and efficient note counting.

Note Sorting

• Sort all prepped deposits/notes for (FDP/ACDP) on the same day, within the cut off times.
• Send rejected notes to the Reject Teller together with the PCD cards, deposit slips and stop loss bag to verify and balance

Reconciliation of ACDP deposits.

• Perform a reconciliation of all notes rejected in order to validate the information
• Manually check all rejected notes for counterfeits, dye-stained and mutilated notes
• Perform cash transfers to vaults
• Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received
• Handle all transactions including shortages and surpluses according to SOPs

Desktop deposit processing

• Check container/Bag for damage /tamper, report anomalies to Team Controller.
• Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.
• All deposits must be kept separate per customer at all times and all deposits must be processed on the same day received by the customer.
• All deposits must be processed and balanced on the applicable system
• Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received
• All transactions, including shortages and surpluses must be handled according to SOPS
• Accurate prepping must be done to enable effective and efficient note counting

Sachet and Process Coin

• Process bulk coin deposits in accordance with SBV’s policies and Procedures
• Sort and process teller coin transfers

Bank system Integrated deposit processing

• Validate all transactions linked to system integrations as per banks SLA
• Inform client services of account numbers not linked to bank system to avoid delays in crediting the customer
• Verify deposit account number to eliminate losses or misposts
• Escalate system downtime/delayed batches to team controller

Payroll and change

• Payroll / change transactions must be processed in accordance with SLA per customer
• Report all discrepancies to the Team Controller timeously
• Floats must be sealed in drop safe bags along with float packing slips and placed into trolleys as per client requirement
• Payroll entries to be processed within the banks SLA timeframes
• Maintain all equipment by reporting any defects on equipment to the Team Controller
• Obtain banks authorization prior to despatching as per SOP


• Assist with the accurate packing and unpacking of Bank and ATM Cash.
• Manage consumables in line with packing requirements.
• Confirm that the bag and Seal numbers are properly recorded.

Manage Equipment

• Utilise equipment according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), protecting and taking care of company assetsWork LevelSkilledJob TypeContract

SalaryMarket RelatedDuration9 – 12 MonthsEE PositionNoLocationBurgersfort


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