Does the South African Reserve Bank buy Mandela Coins?

Collectors of the Mandela Coins would like to know if the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) buys Mandela Coins. The South African Reserve Bank does not buy back Mandela coins. Anyone wishing to sell coins their commemorative gold coins or any coin that is not considered by the Reserve bank to be legal tender should • Read More »

How to Sell Mandela R5 Coins and get R50 000.00 Cash

A lot of people have been emailing me asking me about how to sell Mandela R5 coins. Here are few ways you can sell Mandela R5 coins and other rare coins. click here to sell your coin Firstly you have to make make sure that it is a wanted coin. Secondly, you have to research • Read More »

How to Get Your 2021 to 2022 RDP house

Having basic housing (RDP House) is a fundamental right of each person irrespective of race, gender and social status. It is the City’s responsibility to provide and allocate government-subsidised housing, otherwise known as RDP houses. To date, over 29 00 housing units have been delivered (jointly by the Gauteng Province and the City) and over 17 • Read More »

Cash Paid for Old Silver Coins

we pay CASH for your old Silver Coins. We buy ALL SILVER COINS regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin. South African R1 coins (1965 to 1976) (3d)Tickey – Sixpence – Shilling – 2 Shillings – 21/2 Shilling – 5 Shilling – (1923 to 1960) 5c-10c-20c-50c – (1961 to 1964) Contact Michael for • Read More »