Exactly how to sell Mandela Coins
Everyone seem to to be searching about electronic money for past yrs ,still there is cash being made with conventional money ,,there are some of rare coins that are actually worth a fortune .
We have R5 Mandela coin with Mandela’s Face .
If You did not know Nelson Mandela was a South-african President from 1994- 1999 .
It Depends on the type of coin that you own in order for you to get cash in your pockets ,you can earn as much as 1mlln rands .
Below are tips on how to sell your Mandela coins
Where you can sell these coins To be honest there are quite a number of places where you can actually sell your Mandela Coins though others are a risky .
Firstly you may want to go to your nearest flea market where you will find a lot of people who want these coins .
You can as well try out Auction websites ,but becarefull these two options are a little risky , do not expect to get cash out of these locations .
When Selling your Mandela coin it is wise to visit Cointrader.co.za ,this website gives a great deal of prices for your Mandela coin .
Prices Of These Coins You may be asking yourself that why would one want to sell their Mandela coins ? , the answer for this is straight forward .
These type of coins Worth a fortune if you have the right kinds of coins ,,One thing you must know is that some versions of these coins are worth it, yet some are not .
It is wise to know that the state of these coins can make a huge difference .If your coin is in poor condition you must look forward in getting less money , if it is original you will benefit a lot more For example we look at R5 2004
Mandela coin it ranges up to R5000 cash .
Other coins are most valuable than this , R5 1994 Inauguration coin is R10 000 or more .
If you own these types of coin , consider yourself a millionaire


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