Lulaway (The easy way to work)

At Lulaway, we understand that it’s more than just a job, which is why we do more than just placements.

Lulaway is a Youth Employment Engine that has placed over 30,000 job seekers in employment and internship opportunities since 2011. Not only do we help the unemployed find work, we also equip our candidates with the tools to help them keep their jobs and progress in their careers through support and work-readiness training.

With over 200 Job Centres across the country where you can register on our system, apply for jobs and be found by recruiters and employers, it’s never been this easy to land your dream job.

Here is how it works at Lulaway youth employment.

Lulaway provides entry-level job seekers with one of the best ways to be reached by employers. By simply going to a Lulaway Job Centre and registering on Lulaway, your CV will be stored on our database and be accessible to employers across the country.

Since 2011, we have successfully placed over 30,000 job seekers and counting in permanent employment and internships.Here’s how to do it:

Find your nearest job centre.

Go to your nearest job centre with all your documents

Certified copies of your:

  • ID
  • Qualifications (matric certificate, diplomas, degrees if applicable)
  • Driver’s license (if applicable)

A Lulaway consultant will take a photograph of you, scan your documents and help you complete your profile on our system.

Apply for a job and complete assessments

A Lulaway consultant will direct you to a Job Board with many different Job and Internship opportunities. Depending on the job you want to apply for, you will complete different assessments.

In general, you’ll be tested on:

  • Language skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Computer skills

Receive your assessment results via SMS

You will immediately receive your assessment results via SMS. If you didn’t succeed on these assessments, you can always try to apply for a different job that requires a different skill set.

Wait for an answer – if an employer selects you, they will contact you for an interview.

OR by Clicking the link and complete the form online without visiting branches.

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